Purchaser’s Representatives for new build yachts; Owner’s Representatives for yachts’ maintenance periods

Advice on Build or Repair contracts and specifications, drawings approval, quality control monitoring, monitoring acceptance trials, recommending approval of contractual periodic payments, signature on work completion certificates, monitoring of warranty period claims

Experienced staff would be present at critical times during the course of the build or maintenance period to ensure the Purchaser’s or Owner’s interests are covered, and thereafter during the Warranty Period

Yacht survey and report

Hull and machinery examination to identify state and, if necessary, scale of any remedial or repair work required, with estimate of time required to carry out such work and anticipated costings

Yacht Planned Maintenance System provision

Defects on machineries and equipments caused by non-maintenance may render the yacht out of service and even invalidate warranties. A Planned Maintenance System will act against such avoidable defects. Analysis of content of manuals for all machineries and equipments enables production of a consolidated periodic maintenance plan, electronic or manual, for use by the Owner.

Yacht Planned Maintenance System operation

A yacht’s Planned Maintenance System identifies periodic maintenance work requirements. Owners would be provided with timely advice as to when such maintenance should be carried out

Yachts’ spare parts procurements

We are able to procure spare parts for machineries and equipments on behalf of Owners

Yacht purchase and sales advice

We are able to advise on matters related to purchases or sales of new and used yachts

Yacht maintenance and repairs

We are able to carry out routine maintenance and repairs to yachts’ hulls and machineries.

Yacht Builders’ representative

We are able to act as the local agent on behalf of international yacht builders

Yacht equipments suppliers’ representative

We are able to act as the local agent on behalf of international yacht equipments suppliers

Captain’s Advisory Booklet provider

Much of a yacht’s operation is contained within the heads of the captain and crew. Should a key member depart employment, important aspects of this information may be lost. The Captain’s Advisory Booklet may be provided, to avoid such an eventuality

Personnel recruitment

We are able to assist with recruitment of skilled professionals to work in the marine industry, afloat or ashore

Pleasure boat builder

We are able to provide pleasure boats for local area operations

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